G-Yo Crafts – Handmade Handicrafts!

How much do you care about the nature?
to reduce the landfill?
how many paper towels do you use every day?
and those stinky sponges that you need to throw aways after few uses?
How about you get something that you can re-use for over the year?
Just toss them into washer with other cloths and they are as fresh as you used them first time!
Use them to / as:
Face scrubs
Wash cloths
Dish scrubs
Surface cleaning
Car cleaning
Say NO to stinky sponges and start using these cute and long lasting eco-scrubs NOW! They are super gentle on glass yet very strong on stains!! Try them today and you will never go back to your old sponges!
All these items are personally crafted by me with lots of love and efforts. These unique designs are made using very refined material. Each item is custom made and can be modified as per request.
Contact : gayatri@gyotech.com for more details and to place the order.
Also available on : https://www.etsy.com/shop/Gyocrafts

Stay tuned for new collections !